The Most Diverse, Egalitarian, and Democratic Order of the Knights of Gaia




Knights of Gaia Coat of Arms

Knights of Gaia Coat of Arms: Blazon: Quarterly, I argent, a sun in splendour gules, II azure, a crescent Or, III azure, a roundel quarterly argent and sable, IV argent, a bat displayed sable; enté en point vert with an acorn proper; overall an oak tree couped and proper. Motto: ‘SERVI TELLVRIS VIVÆ’ (‘Servants of the Living Earth’).

Knights of Gaia Coat of Arms Early

Knights of Gaia Coat of Arms (Early): Blazon: Per saltire argent azure Or and gules, overall a dragon segreant vert, langued gules and denté argent. “The green dragon symbolizes the living Earth, with the shield quartered into the four elements of earth (white), air (yellow), fire (red), and water (blue). The four quarters [represent] the harmony of the elements, and the fellowship of the four tribes.” —Kreb Dragonrider.

Gaia Flag
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Gaia Flag: the image is of a flag used by the Knights of Gaia as their standard. The flag represents the Earth. It has an overall dimensional ratio of width: three, and length: five. It consists of a field of blue (HTML color #0000FF, PMS 2736 C) with a roundel as the central charge. The roundel is divided per quarter, rendered in alternating quarters of white (HTML color #FFFFFF) and black (HTML color #000000, PMS Black 6 C). The diameter of the charge is two-fifths of the flag’s horizontal length. The image was created using Inkscape and is in the public domain.

Gaia Flag Waving

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